From the Greek Clotho which means "to spin". Clotho held the spindle and weaved the thread of life. Alongside Illya, Artemis, and Hicata, Clotho acted as the goddess of births and child-births.

About Us

Factory with 5000 m2, equipped with 20 circular looms.

22 circular looms specialized for tubular (seamless) and 3D meshes.

Team specialized in weaving.

Prepared for small customized series.

MP with high differentiation.

Personalized customer service.

Delivery times adjusted to customer needs.

Quality control adjusted to the customer's process.


To achieve the highest quality in our production, we have the highest quality standards.


Clothius - Tecelagem, LDA is a GRS/OCS/RCS certified company

Only products wich are covered by a valid Transaction Certificate are GRS/OCS/RCS certified

In order to achieve the highest quality in our produtcs, our suppliers are subject of continuous evaluation of quality and eviromental policies within the management system of conception, development and production of fabric and Seamless clothing.


Circular Knit: Capacity for 10 ton/per day, highly adapted to small series.

Seamless garments: Capacity for 5000 pieces/day, adapted to fashion pieces, sports and health.

Moulding department with 2 elements that work from the mould to the final fitting.

Customization and proto sampling within one week.

Showroom space, available to the clients for their labour and inspiration.

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